ANZ Financial Wellbeing
Report & Animation 2021
Since 2001, ANZ has partnered in the production of The Financial Wellbeing Survey every three years, providing a snapshot of the financial wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders. It influences strategy within ANZ, while informing specialists, academics and government agencies.
The design of this widely received report fell to the financial services design expertise of ERD. The challenge was to maintain key take-outs, and highlight information about the flow-on effects on mental wellbeing. It had to be sophisticated, easy to read, and uniquely ANZ.
In tandem with 3D2D, we also created a supporting animation targeting and educating the general public. Though the audience of each piece differed, we aligned ANZ’s messaging through the use of corporate colour palette, linear illustration style, typographic treatment and hierarchy of key findings.
Animation Words by Peter Ivan  /  Digital animation by 3D2D Studio  /  Digital print by Bambra Press

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