Pastificio Sandro Brand Identity
We take pride in transforming brands into captivating stories, and our recent collaboration with Pastificio Sandro is a testament to our commitment. Nestled in the charming north end of High Street, Thornbury, Pastificio Sandro stands as a unique haven for handmade pasta enthusiasts. 
As part of the esteemed Umberto Group, this fresh pasta deli (pastificio) is dedicated to crafting handmade pasta sourcing only the finest ingredients from local artisanal producers. When the client entrusted us with the task of creating a brand identity, we knew we had to capture the essence of the craft and uniqueness that defines their business.
Our approach was inspired by the idea that no two pieces of pasta are alike, mirroring the individuality found in their delightful offerings. The graphic interpretation of the organic shapes within their pasta range became the soul of the brand identity, reflecting the artistry and dedication that goes into each handmade creation.
We gladly embraced the opportunity to extend this identity across a diverse range of collateral. Our design aims to seamlessly integrate the Pastificio Sandro brand language into various touch-points, offering a cohesive and visually appealing experience. From signage to packaging, every element carries the imprint of our design, creating a beautiful shopping journey for customers.
More than just a pasta deli, Pastificio Sandro aspired to be a gathering place, inviting customers to experience and enjoy delicious homemade tastes paired with an aperitivo beverage. Ultimately, bringing people together to enjoy and celebrate the authentic ‘gastronomia italiana’.

Collaborating closely with the client, we conducted thorough research and oversaw the production of all collateral for the brand launch. This includes anything from packaging vehicle, fabrics, vinyl and acrylics, to paper substrates. This mutual trust enabled us to guarantee the enduring quality and integrity of the brand across various applications. 
We worked with Ecom Nation to extend the Pastificio Sandro retail shopping experience to online with the creation of an e-commerce website. The site was designed to be simple and clean for a seamless user experience. Inspired by the brand's elegance, we carried through the sophisticated tones of the colour palette and featured subtle graphics that represents the brand’s personality.
Photography by Kim Jane  /  Awning by Indoor Outdoor Imports  /  Lightbox Signage by Technigraf  /  Apron & tote bag produced by Worktones  / Tea Towel produced by The Expressions  /  Acrylic labels produced by LabelMeCrazyAU  /  Adhesive stickers by Rapid Labels  / Pasta boxes printed by PMG  /  Cards printed by Ellikon Fine Printers  /  Paper Bags printed by BeeDee Bags  /  Vacuum Packs printed by PacFood

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