Alumina Limited Reporting Suite 2021
Our theme for this Annual Reporting Suite, ALUMINATION, plays off ‘illumination’ as a catch-all for the positive messaging that Alumina Limited could boast; sustained results, strength in the face of adversity, and being well-positioned for future activity.
Bold, weighty titles lend a sense of importance. A 50/50 split cover graces each piece, and works particularly well in the printed Annual Review, which opens to reveal further messaging around the company’s foundation of Resilience, Commitment and Confidence. Its title is enhanced by metallic foil embellishment, symbolic of Alumina Limited’s bauxite mining activity.
Each publication employs a different cover image to reflect different aspects of alumina production—mining, refining and distribution.
The chosen landscape format for the printed reports translates perfectly into digital formats, allowing entire pages to fill a screen. Printed or digital, the pages make full use of the company’s recent brand identity refresh. Clean, bold, easy to read, with a distinctive colour palette.
The suite shows what can be achieved when passionate designers work alongside a trusting client who provides the freedom to explore possibilities.
Words by Peter Ivan  /  Photography by Joe Vittorio  /  Print by Bambra Press

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